dolphin pizza

The Dolphin Pizza Restaurant was opened on the 23rd of June in 1993 by Vasilis Papacalodoucas. It was the first restaurant of it's type to be opened on Symi.
Having studied in the UK Vasilis had, had to work in a variety of shops and restaurants and learnt a lot about various cuisines. So when it came to his turn to open a restaurant he knew that he wanted to open something the island had not seen before. The idea of a Pizza Place came while he was in the Pizza Hut having a student special!

Over the years he has researched his food well, now making pizzas that are enjoyed by all nationalities and especially by the locals. The restaurant is run by him and his family giving it that personal touch; that along with the excellent quality of his food is what has got him the reputation he enjoys today. He takes a pride in his work that is second to none!

Please do come and see for yourselves and try one of the legendary Dolphin pizzas or pastas! No holiday is complete without one!

The Dolphin Pizza Place is situated on the clock tower side of the harbour, near the Town Square and next to the Kantirimi bridge.

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